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Crypto investing
made safe and easy

Hva er Altigant

Investing for the future

Tech trends and future value drivers


We believe that future innovation for human interaction and co-operation will be driven by blockchain/DLT technology. Trade and transactions will be handled with applications and an IT infrastructure that is being built by the companies and projects that make up the crypto asset market. We believe the smart and natural consequence is to be part of these new opportunities as they are emerging.

Part of a modern investment strategy

Most investors are not invested in the crypto and blockchain universe yet. Those who are invested, have exposure to a very limited number of assets. We believe that a modern diversified portfolio should have a broader set of crypto assets that better exposes you as an investor to the huge potential in the rapid growing crypto ecosystem.

If you believe blockchain and crypto assets are part of the future, a share of your balanced and diversified portfolio should be allocated to the crypto market.

Altiganta offers an opportunity to be part of the values being created in the crypto universe. Altiganta's focus is to include investors to this game-changing, early-stage technology in a safe and easy way. 


Crypto Fund

Altiganta Crypto Fund is long only and actively managed.

For investors who seek an easy way to be exposed to the booming crypto space, and at the same time want to minimize risk in this dynamic and fast changing market

Strong Partners


Altiganta is part of the AKJ Fund Structure, a leading hedge fund platform*, securing legal and regulatory oversight in addition to technical solution infrastructure.

What do you get with ALTIGANTA?

Balanced Portfolio


Through extensive crypto market knowledge, the Altiganta Team has broad experience in managing a well balanced portfolio of crypto assets. Over the last years this Team has followed the current dominating players as well as the medium to small up-and-coming projects that will define the crypto asset market of the future.

Active Management


Crypto investors should be able to respond quickly and appropriately to fast changing market developments. Through active management Altiganta aims to identify emerging opportunities and blockchain projects that will have a fundamental impact on future business solutions and their infrastructure.



Jon Martin_sv_April22_edited.jpg

Jon Martin Haug

Fund Manager and Partner


Former corporate lawyer in top tier firms including PWC and Thommessen working with M&As, IPOs and tax law.


Active investor since 1996, professional investor last 15 years. Extensive knowledge in both fundamental and technical analysis.


Involved in the crypto asset market from as early as 2013. Special focus on exploring and following new trends in the crypto asset universe in order to identify new investment opportunities at an early stage.


Einar Storborg Bøen

Fund Manager and Partner

Management Consultant and Tech Lead working with systems architecture, application development, tech due dill (M&A and IT PMI), digital transformation and the strategic value of IT.


Active in the blockchain space since 2016 and former Director and Blockchain Lead for Deloitte in Norway.


M.Sc. in Computer Science and Naval Architecture from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)


M.Mngt in Finance, Negotiations and Strategic Business Development from BI Norwegian Business School

Hva får du?


We look forward to be your partner in the crypto market.
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